Hi Everyone – Ever since I was young, I have loved music and it has been a part of my life. God put a song in my heart when I was 16 years old and I haven’t stopped singing for Him since then. I wanted to take a step of faith to put the music He gave me out there . Any  Donations made would go straight to help me get some studio time and work on an EP as that is my goal.


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Saturday, August 12 at 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM
Chattanooga Christian Assembly
1632 Jenkins Road, Chattanooga, Tennessee 37421


Tell us about yourself

I’ve been playing music  ever  since I was 13. I’m 25 now, and looking back at my life from where it started, you could say that the love of music found me, way before I realized it.

Growing up, my parents had always pushed us to learn an instrument and to be involved in church music.I was always in church and had my hands involved in every ministry.

Not just Sundays, but Wednesday’s, Friday’s, and Saturdays also. I started off on drums, but just never really caught on for me. Looking back now, it definitely was  just a step in a journey that I didn’t see coming.  Initially i felt that drums might be what i’m called to do, but over time I have learned that God always has much more in store than we think. Which led me to my next instrument and what i currently play, the guitar. To be honest, at first I hated it! But as i began to build my calluses and see what melodies and diff rhythms i could hear, I slowly started to fall in love with it. There was a lot more to it than i thought, and i was able to expand my thoughts and ideas a lot more creatively with it.

Who are your influences?

Musically though, my brother, Wilson,  was a big influence to me.  He plays piano and had a group of guys that he played with from the church consistently.  Because of that, I would always follow him and his friends around everywhere, practices, different churches locally and even out of state.

As this love for music began unfolding, I started to have a strong desire for music, being inspired by Stan Johnson & Stan Chacko, their band with my brother named Faceless,  and with the pushing of a mentor of mine at the time named Mark Newson.

They helped me discover that I had a talent to not only play guitar, but to also sing. From then on, I wasn’t the guy who tagged along anymore with Faceless but started to play often and sing background with them at times, whether at church or different events that we would be invited to around the community.

As I grew older, my influences expanded and I was heavily influenced by various artists such as; Israel & New Breed, Jonny Lang, John Mayer, Bethel music, Hillsong, and Elevation, just to name a few. It wasn’t until I took more of a leadership role at church, that began to unveil my desire that was growing for music, had turned into a passion to lead worship and  write songs.

At the age of 16, I wrote a song about turning back to the first love that i had with Jesus called “Run Into Your Arms” and it actually got produced by a church in Knoxville. That experience opened up my eyes to the possibilities that were ahead and as time went by my passion grew more.

Over the past year, i can say that with the support of my local church and community that i am taking my next step in a journey that has started from when i was young. I believe that God has put in my heart to pursue a path in music and my dream is that one day i could record and allow people to hear the message that’s in  my heart through the words he’s given to me. But not only that, but for people to also see Jesus in the songs that I sing and the way that I lead.

Why now? Why a concert?

I believe that all of the advice, and discipleship I have received from various people has led me to this point.  I can say confidently that only now do I feel ready to take a step of faith, in doing what God has been preparing me to do for most of my life. The Alvin Benjamin Experience concert is hopefully just the beginning of what feels like a lifelong process has amounted to.